Petite Prepster

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I just want to dress up and go to dinner parties and drink champagne with a boy in tux and a bowtie. 

N decided to ditch me for senior ball last night… Apparently, another girl had asked him and if he doesn’t go with her, she wont go at all. If I may be quite frank, how is that my problem? 

Since we are such great friends, I was hoping N and I would have a ball together! (pun intended) He didn’t seem like himself, and talked to me like he’s never talked to me before… He’s never been that cold.

I was really hoping this was a joke.

Rule #1: Boys, no matter what the circumstances, always honor a commitment. (It just makes you look like a complete asshole if you don’t.)

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I am so happy to announce that I officially have a college roommate! 

(and we’re practically twins!)


Preppy on a Budget

eagerly awaiting summer!

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Credit to my friend T. that made this remix and allowed me to post it.

Monday Mix (random mix of the week) - Ok, I’m in love. This is song is EPIC. And this mix is one that I love because it’s pretty, and sounds so full of emotion. I love it.

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